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this week’s cast:

This week Shawn, Dana, Saralyn & David discuss the continually blurring lines between Downloadable Content and Microtransactions. Because buying the game is never enough…this is the Gamescast’s eighth episode.

this week’s cast:

This week Shawn, Dana, Aaron, and Saralyn This week Shawn, Dana, Aaron and Saralyn talk about Sims 4 and the news that a Sims 5 is not currently in development. Zep tor maboo! …this is is the Gamescast’s seventh episode.

this week’s cast:

Dana & Saralyn join, host, Shawn Kerr to talk about the upcoming game for the the Wii U, Hyrule Warriors. Somebody better give Agatha their bugs because the is the Gamescast’s fourth episode.

this week’s cast:

This thursday, Shawn Kerr talks with Dana, Aaron, and David about Sony’s new Playstation Now service. Who’s ready to ‘netflix’ your video games, because this is because this is the Gamescast’s third episode!

this week’s guest:

This Saturday David and Mark Riechers discuss Nintendo’s presence at E3 2013. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and twenty-third episode.

go to technophiles show notes for episode 60
“Get My Ocarina Face On”
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