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David steps in once more for the vacationing Shawn. He talks about Tesla Motors’ new economy model, Microsoft laying off 14% of their company, and the first “Family Robot,” Jibo.This is the 21st episode of the Technophiles Newscast! EP21

This Friday Tina brings a tory to David and Shawn about Roombots, transforming robots that can morph into furniture. This is the Technophiles’ one hundred and ninety sixth episode.

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This week Shawn tackles the new SpaceX Dragon V2, a new super capacitor that could reshape electronics (there’s a pun in there, you’ll get it when you watch the video), Google’s new Self Driving Car, a wrist mounted flame thrower, and the robotic future of jobs that’s not so future anymore. This is the 14th episode of the Technophiles Newscast! EP114

This Tuesday David, Shawn & Tina talk about ‘solar’ jet fuel made out of thin air, as well as further developments in brain controlled prosthetics. Somebody call Danny Boyle because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and ninety second episode.

A collection of moving, emotional, and inspiring songs performed during the breaks of the Technophiles Podcast. Simply, beautiful. Never before has one project so aptly captured the hearts and minds of the globe.

“David has done it again! I was moved to tears.” – D. Geisler
“Who is this David and why is he so amazing?” – Anonymous
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In this episode of the Technophiles Newscast Shawn talks about a potential Eco-City to be built inside a crater, another property of the wondrous material Graphene, NASA’s old ISEE-3 space probe, some robots made of paper, and a small mobile robotic printer. This is the 9th episode of the Technophiles Newscast.EP109

Tina hosts the show this Valentine’s Day and brings a special story about 19 year old, Boyan Slats’, plan for cleaning up the ocean. Shawn, Drew and David agree that Slats’ Ocean Cleanup Foundation sounds like a great idea! Somebody get in touch with the Scout team, seriously, because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy forth episode.

this week’s guest:

Alex Sheehan returns this Friday to talk with, host, David Geisler about the various teams that participated in the 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials. They also speak about Adobe’s new 3D printing abilities in Photoshop. Somebody find Newton Graham Crosby because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and sixty-eighth episode.