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This Friday David, Shawn and Tina talk about early tests of a ‘Dropship’ Quadcopter designed to land rovers on Mars. They also discuss the news that over one million Chromebooks were sold to schools last quarter. It’s time to get curious because this is Technophiles’ two hundred and fourth episode.

Thing’s get a little goofy this Tuesday when David & Tina travel to Shawn’s new apartment for a discussion about Viacom’s new deal with Sony’s PS4 and NASA sending a 3D Printer to the International Space Station. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and thirty-seventh episode.

this week’s guest:

This Saturday David, Kyle & Kaitlyn discuss Apple’s second campus and Foster + Partner’s 3D Moon Base Printer. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and ninth episode.

This Tuesday David and Kyle discuss a unique view at Google’s innards, as well as the special journey taken by a special little space shuttle. This is Technophile’s ninety-first episode.

In this episode David and Kyle speak about how their summer has been, why Star Wars Angry Birds exists and the craziness of the, now famous, jump from space by Felix Baumgartner.