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this week’s cast:

In this episode Shawn, Aaron, Dana & Saralyn talk about Oculus Rifts second Development Kit. It’s time own all rights, titles, and interests in any content that you create because this is the Gamescast’s 2nd episode!

this week’s guests:

It is the very first episode of the Technophiles Gamescast. This Thursday. Host, Shawn Kerr, invites Aaron, Dana & David to discuss the news that CD Projekt Red is going to release ‘The Witcher 3‘ DRM free. It’s time for 36 different states of game because this is the Gamescast’s first episode!

this week’s guests:

Nathan Thorin of Galactavision, and Aaron Miller of 42 Lounge join David & Shawn this Tuesday to discuss all aspects of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift. Are you ready, Player One? …because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and eighty-third episode.

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This week’s episode of the Technophiles Newscast, Shawn talks about some of the coolest things from GDC including Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift DK2. He also delves into the world of science to give you some news on Graphene Contact Lenses and the newest finding about Cosmic Inflation. This is the fifth episode of the Technophiles Newscast! EP105
this week’s guests:

This Friday, David and Shawn chat with Nathan Thorin, CEO of Galactavision, and Co-founder, Ndiloma Musa, about writing software for the Oculus Rift. Find your Wade Watts halloween costume because this is Technophile’s one-hundred and fifty-forth episode.

This Friday David, Shawn, Tina & Drew talk about a new program from the Girl Scouts that encourages girls to get into video game development as well as a new 3D interface called the Sixense Stem. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and forty-fifth episode.