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David steps in once more for the vacationing Shawn. He talks about Tesla Motors’ new economy model, Microsoft laying off 14% of their company, and the first “Family Robot,” Jibo.This is the 21st episode of the Technophiles Newscast! EP21

This Sunday David, Shawn & Tina’s talk about Nintendo’s new app and Microsoft’s Kinect-less Xbox. Shawn also discusses his first hand experiences with the recent connection/transportation app Lyft. Get ready for a fist bump because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and ninety fifth episode.

A collection of moving, emotional, and inspiring songs performed during the breaks of the Technophiles Podcast. Simply, beautiful. Never before has one project so aptly captured the hearts and minds of the globe.

“David has done it again! I was moved to tears.” – D. Geisler
“Who is this David and why is he so amazing?” – Anonymous

Tina’s back this Friday to talk about FiLIP with Shawn and David. They also begin to discuss Microsoft’s new ‘post-windows’ strategies, though the conversation does’t lead to where they had expected. Calling Dick Tracy, this is this is Technophiles’ one hundred and eighty-fourth episode.

Thing’s get a little goofy this Tuesday when David & Tina travel to Shawn’s new apartment for a discussion about Viacom’s new deal with Sony’s PS4 and NASA sending a 3D Printer to the International Space Station. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and thirty-seventh episode.

this week’s guest:

This Monday David and Mark Riechers continue to speak about E3 and Microsoft’s rocky presentation this year. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and twenty-fourth episode.

This Saturday David & Kyle speak about the third XBOX (XBOX ONE,) as well as Tim Cook’s interview at the D11 Conference. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and twenty-first episode.

On this week’s episode of Technophiles David and Kyle talk about Microsoft’s keynote at this year’s E3.