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This Tuesday David and Shawn meet with Laura again to try to answer the question of liability if a self driving car were to get in an accident. They also discuss the news that the FCC is questioning the definition of Broadband. Ask yourself if Kirby the love bug ever used GPS because this is the Technophiles’ two hundred and tenth episode.

This Tuesday David chats with Shawn and Tina about ‘phase two’ of LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow app as well as Google’s very first self driving car that has been built from the ground up! I can fly twice as high because this is Technophile’s one hundred and ninety fifth episode.

This Friday David, Shawn & Tina talk about the possibility of an ‘iHome’ as well as accessing your google maps history. Somebody tweet Eric Colley because this is Technophile’s one hundred and ninety fourth episode.

A collection of moving, emotional, and inspiring songs performed during the breaks of the Technophiles Podcast. Simply, beautiful. Never before has one project so aptly captured the hearts and minds of the globe.

“David has done it again! I was moved to tears.” – D. Geisler
“Who is this David and why is he so amazing?” – Anonymous

On this Friday episode David, Shawn, Tina & Drew talk about the record breaking unmanned boat, Scout, crossing the atlantic ocean right now as well as the first string of smart watches to seriously hit the market. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and forty-first episode.

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“Waving Me On”
record date: 5.11.11
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