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This Friday David, Shawn, Tina and Drew discuss the possibility of actual augmented reality with Innovega’s iOptik contact lenses. They also talk about the Razer Nabu and what it might mean for the wearables market. Somebody find Brett Tosti & Holger Schmidt because this is technophiles’ one hundred and sixty-sixth episode.

This Saturday, David and Kyle talk about free to play Wii U games, data being stored using DNA and finally, the newest virtual reality phenomenon, the Oculus Rift. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and seventh episode.

this week’s guests:

David continues a conversation with Alex Sheehan & Mark Reichers, of 8-Bit Dairyland about this year’s CES news. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and fifth episode.

this week’s guests:

This week, CES has come and gone, and David invites Alex Sheehan & Mark Reichers from the 8-Bit Dairyland podcast to help him make sense of it all. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and fourth episode.

It’s a new year and this Tuesday David and Kyle talk about up-coming trends in technology as well as what to look forward to at CES this year! This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and third episode.

This week on Technophiles, one of the original cast members of the show, Alex Sheehan, joins us from New York, to discuss the Stop Online Piracy Act, and it’s little sister the Protect Internet Protocol Act. We also examine today’s wide spread internet black out protests concern these twisty two pieces of legislation.

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“Attack of the Third Dimension”
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