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Shawn’s away this week so David steps in in a pinch to talk about Amazon’s continued back-and-forth with the FAA, Apple’s new ‘iTunes Extras’ and Microsoft’s new direction. This is the 20th episode of the Technophiles Newscast! EP20

This Tuesday David, Shawn and Tina discuss everything there is to discuss about the Amazon Fire Phone. Somebody get Captain Malcolm Reynolds because this is Technophiles’ two hundred and first episode.

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This week Shawn tackles the new SpaceX Dragon V2, a new super capacitor that could reshape electronics (there’s a pun in there, you’ll get it when you watch the video), Google’s new Self Driving Car, a wrist mounted flame thrower, and the robotic future of jobs that’s not so future anymore. This is the 14th episode of the Technophiles Newscast! EP114

This Tuesday Tina, Shawn & Drew talk about the rumored launch of the Amazon TV box as well as Facebook’s fake user problem. This is Technophiles’ one hundred and seventy sixth episode.

A lifetime of fun in just one night, this Friday, when Shawn steps up with a drone-hack find, and guest hosts for David. Tina and Drew join in with stories of food from the ‘Amazon,’ and printers printing metal objects (possibly) in your very own home. Someone call Elizabeth Sue because this is Technophile’s one hundred and sixty-second episode.

This Tuesday David, Shawn, Tina & Drew speak about Amazon’s plan for delivery drones. They also talk about AOL’s plan to end Winamp and the possibility of an MTV style subscription service on YouTube. Somebody find Faye & Frank Riley because this is Technophile’s one hundred and sixty-first episode.