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This week on the Technophiles Newscast Shawn talks about Scientists creating Alien DNA that can be inserted into living organisms (it’s not as gross as it sounds I swear), a printer designed to print custom color makeup, Watson’s new debate skillz (with a z), the ISS and a real life deflector shield. Hold on tight, this is the 12th episode of the Technophiles Newscast. EP112
A collection of moving, emotional, and inspiring songs performed during the breaks of the Technophiles Podcast. Simply, beautiful. Never before has one project so aptly captured the hearts and minds of the globe.

“David has done it again! I was moved to tears.” – D. Geisler
“Who is this David and why is he so amazing?” – Anonymous

This Friday it’s all about 3D printing. From fashion to foundation, David, Shawn & Tina’s discuss some of the fringe applications of 3D printing. Somebody find the fifth element’s hand because this is Technophiles’ one hundred and eighty-sixth episode.

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This week Shawn talks about Microsoft Unveiling Cortana – their competitor to Siri, the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Game Controller, the FIFA World Cup 2014, the first fully functional Artificial Chromosomes, and a 3D Printed House in Amsterdam. This is the 7th episode of the Technophiles Newscast. EP107

A lifetime of fun in just one night, this Friday, when Shawn steps up with a drone-hack find, and guest hosts for David. Tina and Drew join in with stories of food from the ‘Amazon,’ and printers printing metal objects (possibly) in your very own home. Someone call Elizabeth Sue because this is Technophile’s one hundred and sixty-second episode.

This Friday David, Shawn, Tina & Drew talk about electronics that can be printed with a normal home office printer. They also find out, mid-show, about the ongoing negations for genetic testing between 23andMe and the FDA. ‘Power laces, all right!’ This is Technophile’s one hundred and sixtieth episode.

This Tuesday David, Shawn, Tina & Drew talk about a new three dimensional touch interface design developed by Disney as well as a company that has created a new way to print 3D objects on a standard 2D printer. Somebody find Casey Siemaszko because this is Technophiles’ one-hundred and fiftieth episode.

Thing’s get a little goofy this Tuesday when David & Tina travel to Shawn’s new apartment for a discussion about Viacom’s new deal with Sony’s PS4 and NASA sending a 3D Printer to the International Space Station. This is Technophiles’ one-hundred and thirty-seventh episode.