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Design This Home
by App Minis LLC
operating system: android also available for iOS | price: free
size: 40mb-50mb mb | category: games

BY TINA URCH | I gave Design This Home a try to scratch my designer itch because I’m not currently putting my design degree to work. Despite being slow to get going the game is an enjoyable outlet for those with an interest and enjoyment of design.

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Spotify Music
by Spotify Ltd.
operating system: iOS also available for android & blackberry os | price: free
size: 36.9 mb | category: music

BY SHAWN KERR | Spotify recently went free for both mobile and tablets, something I didn’t think would ever actually happen. But the magic of Spotify has done something fantastical and brought us our on demand music – even if you can’t necessarily listen to it exactly the way that you would like.

I want to mention that I’m reviewing Spotify from a free standpoint. You can pay a small fee to be a premium member, however I’m interested in what Spotify now offers us in terms of its free services.

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Clumsy Ninja
by Motion Graphics
operating system: iOS also available for android & kindle | price: free
size: 96.3 mb | category: Games

BY DAVID GEISLER | It’s a tricky thing; reviewing Clumsy Ninja. So many interesting things going on in the background but I honestly can’t tell if very many interesting things are going on in the foreground. Natural Motion, the company responsible for calculating life like A.I. and physics with the Euphoria engine used in games like Grand Theft Auto IV & V as well as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, has put together an app (and I think I’m going to call it an ‘app’ rather than a ‘game’) that is charming, sweet, a little addictive and even…at times…microscopically emotional.

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by Songza
operating system: android also available for iOS | price: FREE | size: 10 mb | category: music

BY DREW NOWAKOWSKI | Although Pandora has been my traditional “go-to” app for listening to Internet radio, Songza is making a strong push to becoming the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to streaming music. While apps like Pandora lets you to make music stations centered on an artist or genre, Songza is different in that it has built custom playlists to fit your mood and activity. Despite some glitches (see below), fewer ads and awesome playlists make this app a must have in your music listening arsenal. read more…

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free
by Duolingo
operating system: iOS & Android | price: FREE | size: 28.0 mb | category: Health & Fitness
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

This is a rather in depth review of the app Duolingo. While I know it’s rather long I felt that cutting anything out of its current form wouldn’t do the app justice. Happy reading!

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by Azumio
operating system: iOS | price: $1.99 | size: 22.3 mb | category: Health & Fitness
Compatible with iPhone

In a year with two new iPhones, explaining all of the reason why you opted for the 64-bit, motion co-processor packed 5S over the cheaper but functional 5C to non-nerds can be a bit trying. The improved camera and flashy fingerprint scanner are easy to understand, but aren’t necessarily phone-sellers. For me, the M7 motion co-processor–which tracks accelerometer data in the background without spinning up the main processor–seemed like the reason to own the phone. It’s essentially a Fitbit built right in; of course, there was no way to tap into that potential without an app that took advantage of it. Surely every fitness app on the App Store will pack M7 features by next iPhone season, but for now, we get Argus. read more…

Flow Free
by Big Duck Games LLC
operating system: android also available for iOS | price: FREE | size: 5.2 mb | category: brain & puzzle

BY DREW NOWAKOWSKI | I’ve always been a sucker for a good puzzle. I think that’s one reason why I find Flow Free such an entertaining game to play. The game reminds me of a cross between Pipes and Snake (our favorite game to play on the old Nokia phones) with a little more thinking and planning involved. If you like simple puzzles, this may be the game for you. read more…

Dumb Ways to Die
by Metro Trains
operating system: android also available for iOS | price: FREE | size: 34 mb | category: Casual

BY TINA URCH | Dumb Ways to Die is by far my new favorite time waster. What began as a public service announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to promote safety around trains is now an addictive game for iOS and Android. I highly recommend checking out the original video at The iOS game was launched in May 2013 and followed up by the Android version in September. read more…