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Technophiles Gamescast | #18 “Patch that code!”


This week David guest hosts the show and gets together with Aaron and special guest Nathan Redmond to discuss the tipping point of buggy releases and the patching process. It’s time to pre-order (…or not) because this is the Gamescast’s eighteenth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast | #17 “Black Friday”


On this episode Shawn, Aaron, Saralyn and David deliver some stats from Black Friday sales. Please don’t bust any doors but this is the Gamescast’s seventeenth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast | #14 “Halloween Special Let’s Play of Outlast”


It’s a special Halloween episode on the Technophiles Gamescast this week. Shawn, Aaron, Dana, Saralyn, and Dana, Nate get together to play Red Barrels Studio’s “Outlast.” Who will survive the night? This is the Gamescast’s fourteenth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast | #13 “XBOX ONE’s Parity Clause”


This week Shawn, Aaron, and David get together to talk about Microsoft’s new plan which may force independent developers to release their games on XBOX first. Gimme your lunch money because this is the Gamescast’s thirteenth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast | #12 “Endgame”


This week Shawn, Dana, and Aaron speak with Tony Nilles, owner of 42 Lounge, about google’s new augmented reality game, Endgame. The world around you is not what it seems because this is the Gamescast’s twelfth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast | #10 “What have you been playing?”


Shawn’s back for a mini-sode this week. He, Dana, Aaron, and David talk about the games that they’ve been playing recently. Please stand by because this is the Gamescast’s tenth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast |#9 “Video Game to Film Adaptations”


David guest hosts this week as he, Aaron, and Saralyn discuss their favorite (and least favorite) film adaptations of popular video games. Someone check Rotten Tomatoes because this is the Gamescast’s ninth episode.

Technophiles Gamescast | #7 “No Sims 5?”

this week’s cast:

This week Shawn, Dana, Aaron, and Saralyn This week Shawn, Dana, Aaron and Saralyn talk about Sims 4 and the news that a Sims 5 is not currently in development. Zep tor maboo! …this is is the Gamescast’s seventh episode.

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