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Dots: A Game About Connecting
by Playdots, Inc.
operating system: android also available for iOS & Windows Phone | price: FREE | size: 14 mb | category: Brain & Puzzle

BY SHAWN KERR | Dots is a free puzzle game that is quick and easy to pick up. The game has been available to iOS users for a while now, but was just recently added to the google play store for Android users.
In Dots you connect 2 or more dots in a row by drawing a line between them. You can make as many turns as you like, but connecting dots diagonally is off limits and you cannot trace over a connection already made. When you connect the dots they disappear from the screen and the columns fall into place, pulling new dots in from the top of the screen. Those are the basics of the game. read more…

Map My Ride+
by MapMyWorkout
operating system: iOS | price: $2.99 | size: 24.0 mb | category: Health & Fitness
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

I’ve always been mildly obsessed with GPS. I geocached before there was an app for that. I have more .kmz layers on my desktop Google Earth app than I should admit too. Now, for the past two years I’ve been using GPS apps for my bike ridding. I bounced from app to app for awhile, finding some that were very good with one feature and then others that excelled in a different way…never finding exactly what I was looking for. About two months ago, I found Map My Ride+, by MapMyFitness, and based on it’s performance, I think my app bouncing days are over.

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Job Aware
by TapAware, LLC
operating system: iOS | price: Free | size: 16.1 mb | category: Business
Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch.

If I had a nickel for every time friends and family have told me to “get a job” during these last few months, I’d consider myself employed. It’s now the end of a rough semester and time for me to start throwing resumes around. I’ve been using the CraigsPro+ app (a great app for Craigslist searches) for my searches, but I’ve also discovered another app specifically created to assist in the job hunt. It’s called JobAware.

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