Riptide GP2
by Vector Unit
operating system: iOS also available for android & kindle | price: $2.99 | size: 48.3 mb | category: Games

BY DAVID GEISLER | Wave Race physics meets Wipeout track design with a little bit of SSX Tricky sprinkled on top. This week I’ll be writing about Riptide GP™2 a racing game available for iOS, Android & Kindle. If you’re looking for an arcade racer I think you’ll be pleasantly satisfied with Riptide GP™2. The original Riptide GP™ came came out last fall and was a great game. The sequel hasn’t changed too much, which is a good thing, adding in extra modes and features that elevate Riptide GP2 to a ‘console like’ degree of gameplay.

Things like On-line Multiplayer and vehicle customization are now part of the regular experience. Side note…I had fun creating a Technophiles Podcast vehicle.

The water physics are truly impressive. You never feel that you’re being cheated by the game engine. If your hydro jet cuts deep into the side of a wave you slow down accordingly, or turn more sharply. You and all the other racers leave realistic looking wakes which of course become part of the math that is computing the wave physics. With the exception of the occasional up-hill segment of track, (I guess the water is flowing down toward you?) the courses are laid out in an interesting and fair way with a focus on speed. The game really does feel like, the above mentioned, Wipeout series but in water.

Vector Unit choose three different control methods. The default is tilt-based. There is also a touch-to-turn input (which I found worked the best for my needs) and finally a “classic controller” style layout. Tricks are executed simply and intuitively by swiping your thumbs on the screen in different directions when catching some air. For example two thumbs down perform a ‘Superman’ one thumb down and one thumb up will perform a spinning twist move. Every trick builds up your boost meter which you can use at any time.

Finally, I’d like to talk about how impressed I was with how well the game ran. I tested it out on iOS, but I’ve heard great things about the android version as well. I never experienced lag or slow down. I even tested it out on my old 3GS iPhone and though the game automatically turned off most of the fancy special effects, I was able to race (not multiplayer) with ease at a great frame rate. The game is selling for $2.99 right now and I promise you will be playing it longer than it takes for you to drink a café mocha for the same price. Here’s the teaser trailer for the game, which I found on Vector Unit’s site: