Design This Home
by App Minis LLC
operating system: android also available for iOS | price: free
size: 40mb-50mb mb | category: games

BY TINA URCH | I gave Design This Home a try to scratch my designer itch because I’m not currently putting my design degree to work. Despite being slow to get going the game is an enjoyable outlet for those with an interest and enjoyment of design.

The game starts you with one room of a home to get going and learn how to play. From there you are given tasks to complete which earn you additional money, increase the value of your home, and help you attain higher levels which open up additional design options. Aside from completing tasks, you can earn money by cleaning as bubbles pop up over items in your home. You also take in money based on the value of your home at regular intervals which the game calls your income. Your home increases in value as you add more rooms and higher value items.

The extensive library of furniture, fixtures, wallcovering, and flooring gives you a wide range of options to choose from. And over time you can change items out, put them into storage or sell them back to help you upgrade. While some items are a little cheesy looking, for the most part there are classy and chic choices. As you attain higher levels in the game you unlock higher value items for your home.

When you start to play it seems difficult to have enough money to do much. It takes some patience to slowly increase the value of your home so that you take in more money as income. Many of the reviews I read of the game made the same complaint about not having enough money, but I found that once you really get going and grow your house the money comes a lot easier. You also have the option to buy game money with your own real money if you really want to build and design more quickly. Having more money also enables you to purchase additional homes with a variety of layout options. It would take quite awhile to fully exhaust all of the capabilities of the game.

Overall, Design This Home is a great choice if you’re looking for a game that doesn’t require a lot of attention. You don’t need to check in more than a few times a day unless you’re out to earn money by doing your cleaning. I really enjoy that it doesn’t demand my attention constantly and I can rely on the notifications to let me know when I have income ready to collect. I think I’ll stay interested a lot longer since I can scratch my design itch on occasion and not get bored too quickly.