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Job Aware
by TapAware, LLC
operating system: iOS | price: Free | size: 16.1 mb | category: Business
Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch.

If I had a nickel for every time friends and family have told me to “get a job” during these last few months, I’d consider myself employed. It’s now the end of a rough semester and time for me to start throwing resumes around. I’ve been using the CraigsPro+ app (a great app for Craigslist searches) for my searches, but I’ve also discovered another app specifically created to assist in the job hunt. It’s called JobAware.

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On this week’s episode of Technophiles David, Kyle & Bryce talk about Facebook’s IPO situation, mind operated robot arms, NASA’s Ultimate App, Google’s new search engine, and Brazil’s new retail ‘Like’ trend.

FiLMiC Pro
by Cinegenix, LLC
operating system: iOS | price: $3.99 | size: 7.01 mb | category: Photo & Video
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Now that iPhone cameras shoot in 1080p, they’ve realistically become an alternative for significantly more expensive cameras, when shooting casual video, like home movies. You could probably even shoot a web-series with one and not too many people would even notice. However, what if you wanted even more control? What if you wanted a, borderline, professional level of control? …Control of frame-rate, white-balance, separate exposure and focus controls? If you wanted all that, and more, you’d be looking for the iOS App FiLMiC Pro.

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Earth Now
by Jet Propulsion Laboratory
operating system: iOS | price: Free | size: 9.5 mb | category: Education
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

2012 is here. It’s time to prepare yourself for catastrophic climate change, the switching of the poles, the atmosphere being cooked away by massive solar flares, the return of aliens, or jesus, or whatever. So you can see how having an app that provides you with near-real-time global climate data could come in handy, right? Ok, so maybe not all of us are stocking up our subterranean shelters, but Earth Now is still a neat app.

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