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Week Calendar
by UtiliTap
operating system: iOS | price: $1.99 | size: 8.5 mb | category: Productivity
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Even though Apple released a ‘week view’ in their, iOS native, Calendar App with the latest iOS update. As a calendar junkie, I continue to find myself underwhelmed with Apple’s Calendar App. I used Calvetica for awhile, back when it was the only App offering a ‘week view’ feature, until all my hopes and dreams were answered with the aptly titled Week Calendar.

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On this episode of Technophiles, David and Kyle discuss the possible outcome of Tim Cook’s reported meeting with video game company Valve, also the Apple ‘Flashback’ virus get’s dealt with, and finally Season 4 of Arrested Development (along with many other shows) is slated to appear on Netflix!

This week on Technophiles, Bryce, Kyle and David talk about silly putty for potholes and the augmented reality sensation (at least according to Google) Google Glasses!

This week on Technophiles, Bryce, Kyle and David talk about the new New York Taxi, Google’s 8-Bit Google Map ‘prank’ and discuss an issue that a fellow iPad developer may have with the new Retina display on The new iPad.